VRSim is an experienced developer of interactive training tools for the skilled trades. VRSim, headquartered in East Hartford, CT, reimagines industry tools and develops innovative training systems in welding, spray painting, construction, manufacturing, and robotics. VRSim's products are used in training and education programs for high schools, technical colleges, vocational training programs, workforce development initiatives, and global leaders, including the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, the National Truck Equipment Association, The Boeing Company, Caterpillar, Saint Gobain, and the U.S. Navy.

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Demo Version, for PCs and Chromebooks

SimBuild Carpentry

SimBuild Carpentry uses game technology to allow students to learn and practice skills used in residential construction while reinforcing academic disciplines in reading, math, and problem-solving. Through a collection of job-based activities, students learn skills including tool reading, applied construction math, framing, installation process, material estimation, and building system terminology.

SimBuild Carpentry runs on Windows laptops and PCs and is also available on
Chromebooks with Play Store support.

Download and install the software then run the application. Use the demo mode (bottom right corner) and select the 'Ranch' Site to access game features in the Demo Mode. 

Download SimBuild Carpentry software

SimBuild Carpentry