Eastern Michigan University
Interior Design

The mission of the Interior Design Programs at Eastern Michigan University is academic preparation of students to enable them to solve problems related to the function, health/safety/wellbeing, and quality of interior environments. The programs promote design research, critical thinking, and creativity in design decisions applied to all interior spaces, components, and elements encompassed in the built environment. These decisions reflect consideration for social welfare, cultural implications, global and economic elements. The curriculum blends theory and technical skills, with a sensitivity to environmentally responsible/sustainable design issues and consideration for the needs of all users regardless of age, physical stature, or disability status. Graduates are well prepared to enter the work place with a skill set that allows them to thrive professionally and work collaboratively in both the commercial and residential areas of the profession.


9:30-10:00 or 10:30-11:00 | WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28th, 2020

Interior Design @ EMU, SketchUp Activity

Students will be instructed to download the free version of a 3D design software (SketchUp). Students will work through a design exercise in using the tools to re-create an exterior 3D version of a building. This is a modeling tool that can be used for interior or exterior graphics. Once the activity is done students can add their own components or create something else with support from the instructor.

ACCESS SketchUp Free Web Version.

DOWNLOAD Activity Template File.

Attend the Session